Let’s Tweet Football

Sports are social.  Social media is business. Social media is sports. Let’s be real, social media and sports are everything. No argument. 

In the world of sports today social media is king.  It reaches every person, from the general manager, to the star player, to the 16-year-old fan. I will look at the way social media is used by NFL programs from every angle, and if you’re a sports freak like me, read on and you will enjoy.  If an organization is doing something unique on social media, I’ll be talking about it.  If a player is rouge tweeting, I’ll be talking about it. I hope to provide an interesting, honest, and good-humored approach to the world NFL public relations and their use of social media.  I have been a division I college athlete, football operations intern for the University of Oregon, and public relations intern for an NFL team.  Those experiences combined with being a 21-year-old social media consumer and rabid sports fan make for a different combination than many other blogs out there.  By the way, I’m a girl who cares more about the pull off of the offensive line than how my hair looks on the sideline.

 Time to tweet some football. 



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