The NFL and CRS’s

When looking at the way a business is run, often the role of corporate social responsibility is overlooked. When it comes to public relations in a business, the CSR is a huge opportunity to connect your brand with your audience.  For example, the NFL has partnered with the American Cancer Society and for the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month, there are pink accents present on all different types of NFL apparel and equipment.  This campaign has raised millions of dollars and has helped the NFL maintain a positive image and reach a wider demographic, that includes a greater female audience. It is imperative as to connect with as many people as possible and for the NFL, which has a predominately male supported audience, reaching women is an important initiative. The tips for implementing a successful CSR plan as provided by PR News’ Corporate Social Responsibility and Green PR guidebook offer a solid foundation for someone new to the PR business, but I think they left one point out.  I believe as a PR professional it is important to authentically connect with the cause you are supporting because often times when it is discussed it appears as just another business ploy, when in reality there is a lot of power behind human interest stories and charitable causes.


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