Back to Basics

Public Relations is an industry that has grown tremendously over the past few years, and is ever changing in its functions.  I have focused a lot of the impact social media has had on the PR world, and there is no questions that social media plays a large roll, however, as with anything, it is important to refresh yourself on the basic principles and skills on which your profession is based.  The site “PR in Your Pajamas” recently posted a link about “10 Time Tested PR Skills that Will Never Go Out of Style” and the very top of this list is writing.  With social media sites such as twitter limiting users to 160 characters it is easy to see how a skillful writing can be pushed to the way side.  Number two on that list is interpersonal skills, and I personally believe this may be one of the most important.  PR is about building a bridge between your organization and the media and consumers, and you cannot effectively do that by sitting behind a computer all day.  For example, a PR department for a professional football organization is at a minimal required to interact with the teams coaches and players.  Having strong relationships with those people, or having the ability to build them is the first step in successful external communication.  It is not always easy to get a star athlete to communicate effectively with the media, and is something that should be focused on when considering the skills it takes to work in public relations.  Overall, I found this article to be extremely beneficial, because it never hurts to be reminded to keep it simple. 

“10 Time Tested PR Skills that Will Never Go Out of Style”


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