Guilty Pleasure

Social media has done it again. Pinterest has developed “secret boards” where users can generate idea boards for private events and do not have to share them with their followers.  This innovative update to their website is not really what the story is about though.  Instead, it was the public relations team that posted the press release in a skilled manner.  The release began with a personal story that their users could relate to, and the overall tone of the announcement was friendly, and “cute” which keeps in line with Pinterest’s image.  I will admit that Pinterest is my guilty pleasure, and it is because of the positive nature surrounding the website.  I too, also appreciate the privacy is offers, and am very excited about the creation of these secret boards.  When it comes to public relations, Pinterest is a shining example of an organization that is “doing it right” . They are communicating in an effective way that mimics their product and connects with their audience.  Pinterest has become a platform for many other organizations to reach female consumers. For example, Pinterest has an entire category directed to sports where people can view everything from their favorite teams gear, nail polish patterns, game day recipes, or even parking tips for specific stadiums.  For sports, reaching the female audience can be a challenge, but if an organization can create or seek out useful content for Pinterest it would benefit their organization. It is not sports PR in a traditional sense, but it is important to be consistently reaching out to new audiences, and communicating your brand in new ways.  So pin away sports fans (and PR professionals).

pinterest logo                “Pinterest Launches Secret Boards”


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