Sports PR: It’s a Business

There is no longer debate that sports are a big business.  Where we may have previously only considered the finance department at a professional organization “business” we now see business in athletics of all levels.  It starts with youth club teams, then collegiate partnerships, and finally professional teams, and somewhere along the way business has engulfed more than just the income statements. When it comes to sports PR, understanding business is becoming a necessary ingredient for success. In Sara Benwell’s article, “A Good PR Consultant Needs to Understand Business” she says that, “Understanding business will not only improve media relations but it will also enable you to develop the right messages for owned media platforms, where businesses talk directly to stakeholders. It also improves client relationships, as they trust you to help them decide what content to put out, and where. Understanding businesses is key to ensuring that public relations is not a commoditized service and that instead we become trusted advisers to clients, who rely on us to ensure that their communications fit with their wider business objectives.” I think she hits the nail on the head.  Public relations is becoming ever more powerful, and at the same time complicated and in order to be successful, one needs to understand the business climate in which they are operating. In sports PR, one of the most important aspects is generating interest in the team in order to sell tickets and merchandise.  In order to best reach those goals you need to understand the market research, and other technical aspects included in the business spectrum.  It is important to be innovative in your presentation of information to the media, and it begins with fully understanding every element of your organization.

“A Good PR Consultant Needs to Understand Business”


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