The 2 Most Important Words

THANK YOU.  A phrase so often used, but at the same time, so obvious when it is missing.  I believe “Thank you” is one of the most powerful phrases we have in our language.  A simple expression of gratitude can go a long ways.  I have grown up in a household where writing a hand written thank you note was harped on so frequently that it is ingrained in my head as second nature, however, as I continue into the professional world, I find that I am unique in that sense. The Harvard Business Review article, “Do You Really Need to Say Thank You” tells the story of a man who missed out on the opportunity for a promotion because he failed to respond to a complimentary email, and explains why they believe sending quick thankful responses are under used. I think when presented with the information in an article such as this one it is difficult for anyone to disagree, but apply the principles they preach is another story.  In the world of public relations and athletics, personal “thank you’s” are rare.  Too often we see athletes show complete disregard for the resources that are bestowed upon them, and it is one of the primary reasons professional sports organizations alienate fans.  Most players are thought of as selfish and egotistical, and the difference between them and the ones who are respected is often those two words.  Take a player like Chad Johnson, who’s post game interview will likely revolve around a complaint, or an ego stroking, while someone like Peyton Manning will first and foremost thank his teammates and acknowledge their hard work.  With professional athletes becoming more and more publicly scrutinized, it is especially important when considering their image to remind everyone to use those two little words.

“Do You Really Need to Say Thank You”


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