“I Had It on Twitter First”

Steve Young vs. Rick Reilly vs. Twitter – That is what we saw unfold on “Monday Night Football” when the men behind the desk didn’t know the cameras were rolling and they were caught in what appeared to be a little spat.  It was the “death stare” seen round the world as Steve Young shot laser beams right through Rick Reilly who was seen instructing the shows host to “say that I had this first on Twitter” in reference to the breaking news of Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury.  Only seconds later they realized the cameras were rolling and quickly restored order, but the damage was already done.  In the following day the clip of the incident was played on news networks, ESPN, and all over the internet.  It became the topic of multiple conversations as people questioned whether Steve Young harbored bad feelings towards Reilly and also started the conversation about how Twitter is now used as a news source, and the real importance of being “the first” person to break the news.  Young explained his look as follows, “that was not a death stare. What it really was, it kind of was incredulous. I was like, “You didn’t just say that.” And so I was joking with him”.  Young did his part to damage control the situation and employed good public relation skills by talking about the incident directly and deflecting criticism. Reilly, however, seemed to be less credible in his defense of wanting credit for breaking the story on Twitter. So I guess I ask the question to you, does it really even matter who tweeted it first?

Watch the “death stare” here:


One thought on ““I Had It on Twitter First”

  1. Nick Smith

    I remember watching this a thinking, “how the heck does he think he ‘broke’ this story?” But then I remembered it was Rick Reilly and he is always saying ridiculous things. like calling players cheaters if they commit a penalty during a football game. The guy just rubs me the wrong way, and I think a lot more people finally got to see what I see.


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