Pagano’s Cheerleaders

The Indianapolis Colt’s have done it again.  They have struck PR gold with the recent actions of two of their cheerleaders who accepted the challenge to shave their head if they raised $10,000 for cancer research and in support of the head coach, Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year.  The Colt’s as an organization have rallied around Pagano and have now raised $250,000 through the team’s “ChuckStrong” fundraising campaign, according to  The Colts have made the very best of a tragic situation and have reached out to consumers beyond their organization and have contributed to something bigger than sport.  This fundraising campaign has been unique as it has been based primarily in online donations.  The Colts mascot, Blue, challenged the cheerleaders via twitter, and the response was overwhelming raising $22,000 almost instantly, and all online. Beyond raising money for a great cause, the PR department decided to make the shaving of the cheerleaders heads a public event by doing it during the third quarter of the colts game vs the Bills, with Pagano looking on.  Their decision to make the event public engaged their fans and maximized the exposure both for the organization and for a good cause. There were countless tweets and Facebook posts by fans, members of the media, and viewers watching at home.  The Colt’s ability to connect their brand to a good cause, and market it effectively using social media is a perfect example of a successful public relations campaign.  You just gotta love #ChuckStrong.


“Two NFL cheerleaders shave their heads in support of Colts head coach”


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