QB Controversy in SF

The quarter back who can run, or the quarterback that can pass? That seems to be the ever common question these days when it comes to football. In San Francisco this seems to be the only questions any one is talking about.  Returning quarterback, Alex Smith, led the 49’ers to the NFC championship game last season, and so far this season has a 70 percent completion percentage.  If thats all you knew, you would wonder why there was any controversy at all, but young gun Colin Kaepernick stepped in for Smith after he suffered a concussion and he has people talking.  Kaepernick brings something new to the table with his speed and running ability, and it has 49’ers fans excited.  Amidst all of this excitement though lies a difficult public relations choice, and that is how to control the media attention being thrown at the topic and the best way to protect both the players and the program. 

Quarterback controversies are nothing new for 49’ers head coach Jim Harbaugh who was involved in one as a player in the late 1980s, and he has been described as handling this one “diplomatically” but more often “indecisively”.  He has kept the guessing game going for over a week though, not giving any indication of who will be “the guy”.  One of the most challenging aspects of managing a quarterback controversy is limiting negative comments from other team members.  Overall the hubbub in San Fran has been kept positive and the announcement, whenever it arrives, is sure to be carefully worded and spark even more conversation.

“QB Controversy in San Francisco”


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