Twitter. Tickets. Toilets?

Social media has allowed fans more access than ever to their favorite athletes and both parties seem to enjoy the connection. Milwaukee Bucks player Drew Gooden used twitter to fuel a friendly rivalry with former teammate Joakim Noah when he tweeted this:

It did not take long for a fan to retweet him a photo of exactly what he asked for, a Bulls jersey in the toilet, and Gooden held true to his word leaving two tickets at will call for the fan.  This is only one example of many where fans are able to interact with their favorite athletes through social media.  As an athlete, their public image can be almost as important as their play on the court or field, and connecting with fans is one of the easiest ways to maintain a positive image.  Not to mention, I think its probably fun for athletes too. Gooden’s twitter stunt made the front page of Yahoo sports and I’m sure drew in a few more viewers for the upcoming game, and a few more twitter followers.  Although the tweet maybe not be a PR professionals dream, it has not caused any harm and has strengthened communications between their brand and consumers.

“NBAer’s Unusual Twitter Ticket Gimmick”


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